As Egeli Law Firm, the services we provide regarding Public Procurement and Privatization are summarized below:

– Providing legal consultancy and litigation services to clients regarding procurement of goods and services subject to the Law numbered 4734, construction work contracts and consultancy tenders, examination of the tender documents and conditions, appeal against the decisions of prohibition from public tenders and appeal against court decisions,

– Providing legal consultancy services to client companies throughout the entire process of privatization tenders, preparation and negotiation of tender documents, due diligence and auditing,

– Execution of negotiations with public authorities and private companies,

– Examination of public tenders and privatizations, and providing legal advice regarding qualification and participation requirements,

– Preparation of contracts and legal evaluations necessary for companies to enter into public tenders, to participate in tenders as a consortium or in business partnerships,

– Examining the assets of the companies subject to privatization, preparation of legal risk and condition reports (Due Diligence),

– Negotiations and revisions of investment contracts and transfer contracts for privatization.