Egeli Law Firm has substantial expertise in obtaining and enforcing Plant Breeders’ Rights. A Plant Breeder’s Right grants a breeder or a successor in title exclusive rights to produce and reproduce, sell, import and export the plant material of a protected variety, therefore providing the breeder with a competitive advantage in the market place.  Plant Breeder’s Right is personal property which can be assigned, sold or transferred by other means to other parties.

Understanding the rights conferred by Plant Breeders’ Rights is as important as obtaining the rights.  At Egeli Law Firm, we advise breeders on all aspects of the procedures involved in obtaining the rights, and in their enforcement. Egeli Law Firm has experienced practitioners who can assist all plant breeders in the horticultural and agricultural industries – from individuals to large commercial operations and organisations.

Egeli Law Firm understands the strategic advantage of strong Intellectual Property Rights in relation to plant variety innovation and research. Our specialist lawyers can draw up and negotiate licence agreements on your behalf or represent you in legal proceedings against those who infringe your rights as a plant breeder.