Egeli Law Firm supports its clients in information technology and communications with its experienced IT lawyers and engineers for the owners of the creative works, designs, models, websites, softwares and smart phone applications, which needs solid technical knowledge.

Our team of professionals utilizes long-standing experience of both the technical and legal aspects of information technology and communications to help our clients navigate complex legal and commercial risks.

We provide a full scope of services, including;

– Advice on licensing and regulatory matters, internet issues, competition and antitrust, privacy and data protection, commercial contracts and sector-specific dispute resolution,

– R&D legislation, Technology Development Zones and Free Zones legislations,

– Consultancy, licensing, exemptions, exceptions and intellectual property rights management, especially for Information Technologies and R&D companies,

– Registering and securing the intellectual property rights of softwares and designs, smart phone applications and designs, industrial designs that requires technical knowledge,

– Protecting and defending domain names, data privacy, trade secrets, clouds, digital and social media, and e-signatures.

– Securing the confidential business information and impose sanctions in case of violation,

– Advise on investments, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs, and special corporate transactions for stakeholders with material interests in the electronic communications or IT sectors.