Egeli Law Firm provides advisory and litigation services to numerous national and multinational companies in relation to legal aspects of their everyday business. We provide a wide range of services, from incorporating joint stock companies, limited liability companies, branch offices and liaison offices, to corporate maintenance including advice on board of directors meetings; holding ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings; analyzing technical bankruptcy situations and managing capital increases or decreases from a corporate and tax perspective.

We also assist in amending companies’ articles of association either to comply with the Turkish Commercial Code or to reflect specific agreements between different shareholders groups; intra-group reorganizations to include spin-off, merger, change of legal form, liquidation, asset transfer and share transfer; structuring the board of directors and limitation of authorities between board members; and general maintenance of corporate records.

Our firm also advises and represents its clients in their relations with governmental authorities, including among others the Capital Market Board, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Undersecretariat of the Treasury, and other regulatory bodies as well as various ministries and government agencies.

Some of the services we offer in this area are:

– The establishment of companies in Turkey and the establishment of branch and/or liaison offices of foreign and domestic companies in Turkey,

– Providing legal support services for Turkish companies to follow up and conclude their transactions by working in cooperation with foreign branches in relation to corporate establishments abroad,

– Providing consultancy for the corporate functioning of the companies, preparation of company’s main contracts, preparation of corporate board decisions, signature circulars and similar corporate documents,

– Regulation of shareholder rights of the company,

– Preparation and approval of share transfer agreements, shareholders agreements, voting agreements,

– Organizing general meetings of the company,

– Providing legal consultancy and support services for capital increase and capital decrease of companies,

– Preparation of merger and acquisition agreements, due diligence studies and preparation of status reports, preparation of all kinds of documents related to mergers and acquisitions,

– Preparation and examination of Joint Venture and consortium contracts,

– Criminal and legal liability of company managers (managers and members of board of directors), legal counseling on transfer matters of company assets,

– Providing advisory services on concordato and bankruptcy matters, legal support for restructuring issues and restructuring of company liquidation transactions,

– Providing legal support services on corporate governance principles and compliance with them,

– Preparing, examining and negotiationg all kinds of commercial contracts including production, license, leasing, factoring, franchising, agency, distributorship agreements,

– Providing full range of services regarding public offerings, issuance of debt instruments and all kinds of capital market transactions,

– Unfair competition cases.